Increasing Car Production at Stellantis

Manufacturing Sytems Modelling, Cloud Services
Business goals
Increase throughput of a production line and factory, Quickly identify production issues, Train team on new production process
Achieved results

A Car That Sells Very Well Triggers the Need to Increase Its Production

  • A new car model was selling well. Marketing wanted to increase production
  • The Body In White factory was identified as the bottleneck of the production site
  • Our client was looking for solutions to help identify the most impactful actions to implement in Body In White factory to increase car production
Our Solutions

Deployment of DispoX

Dillygence deployed DispoX solutions, including the following micro-services, to meet Stellantis's needs:

  • Flow analysis and diagnosis, a set of functionalities to help identify the most impactful buffer and modules, assess the gain of potential actions and prioritize them before introduction in their improvement plan
  • Rewind, used to replay and visualize the status of the factory when an event happened in the past, and view the unfolding of its impact on the whole factory

Production Up and Target Reached

  • Assistance with relevant decisions in conducting target actions to increase the reliability of some pieces of equipment
  • Extensive use of the tool allows unit heads to manage their teams efficiently. DispoX is used during weekly meetings to determine in real-time improvement actions to be carried out
  • A better understanding of the flow by production teams 
  • Target reached
Increasing Car Production at Stellantis


What Our Clients Say

When you have to manage the performance of fifty or so assembly cells, you cannot do so without having a clear vision of the priorities to be set for your teams, and this often starts with identifying the bottleneck of the factory, which everyone can find with a simple spreadsheet and some operation data. After identifying this bottleneck, the most difficult part is to determine everyone's contribution to the expected improvement. Manufacturing teams need to reduce operating losses, and maintenance teams need to improve reliability, but there are also times when cycle times or buffer sizes need to be reduced, which can require decision-making and financial resources. Today, thanks to DispoX and the sensitivity analysis that is included, we can clearly identify our short-term (reliability and maintainability) and medium-term (cycle time, inventory) action plans. Thank you to DILLYGENCE for this user-friendly tool, which also allows us to visualize our factory’s problems on a daily basis.

Marc Breuillot

Marc Breuillot

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