We Rely on Operational Tools and Cutting-Edge Technology to Support Our Customers in Their Deployment of Industry 4.0

Megatrends and global forces, such as the pandemic and other recent crises, are creating profound challenges to industrial value chains and business. Industry 4.0 gives you the technology tools to transform your value proposition and operations to gain the resilience and agility needed to navigate and succeed in a world of exponential changes.
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Dillygence Developed a Rapid and Robust 3-Steps Approach

Dillygence successfully deployed this approach to Industry 4.0 in several SMEs, with some of them in collaboration with Bpifrance.
Before implementing our solutions (DispoX), we can assist you in developing your Industry 4.0 Roadmap.

Support in your digital transformation or Industry 4.0 is not conditional on any commitment to acquire DispoX.

Our 3-Steps Approach for Deploying Industry 4.0

A Proven Framework for Success

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Maturity: Benchmark vs. peers and industry average. Prerequisites: Minimum level of IT infrastructure and Operational Excellence.
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Roadmap: strategy, projects, planning, and steering. Conditions for success: budget, skills, and change management.
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Pilot projects: Implementation of transparency and low ROI solutions such as DispoX. Roll-out: extend to other plants and activities.

As an Influential Player in Industry 4.0 in France, Dillygence Often Collaborates With Bpifrance on Industry 4.0 and Related Topics

Our Generic Approach

We Work With You and Provide All the Tools You Need to Realize the Full Potential of Your Factory

The advent of Industry 4.0 and related technologies - easy access to data, AI, and modern visualization tools - brought the best conditions to materialize our vision.

We felt that the moment was right to bring to the world algorithms and solutions that have seldom been tested successfully by a few people in a few companies only.

We leveraged 30+ years of research at MIT and elsewhere, Industry 4.0 technologies, to develop solutions that help our clients visualize, analyze, understand and make the most cost-effective decisions. These solutions are delivered as SaaS to our clients via our platform, DispoX.

Our Generic Approach

Our Value Proposition is Built Around Our Unique Expertise and Solutions

Nelson Mandela once said, “I never lose. I either win or I learn.” At Dillygence, we strive to do both. We put a great deal of effort to develop our people and grow their expertise while building the company thru relentless achievements.

We define « success » as a happy client. Our team endeavors to exceed our clients’ expectations. To this end, we use our expertise and uniquely customizable solutions to help our clients optimize their factories and maximize their profit. It is as simple as it gets.

Our Generic Approach

We Bring Manufacturing Intelligence Into Your Factory to Maximize Your Profit

We help you dramatically improve your factory performance by providing SaaS twins that are used to visualize, analyze, and decide effectively. It results in the maximization of profit thru the reduction of capital and operational expenditures, whatever the status of the factory: design / re-configuration, ramp-up, or production.

In concrete terms, our involvement in the design phase of a factory prevents missteps with an average of 20% saving on the investment. When a factory operates in a steady state, our solution can help increase its production at minimum cost or reduce its costs thru optimal production control or inventory reduction.

Our Different Steps for Deploying Solutions

How we Deploy DispoX

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Client Contact and Optional Maturity Evaluation

We believe that the client is the expert in his operations. No success is possible without the complete commitment of the client in conveying this expertise to Dillygence. Initial contact and discussion with the client are mostly focused on gathering information on the expectations, the apparent strategic needs, and the available data. At this stage, we offer an optional maturity evaluation of the client's operations to improve our understanding of the situation further.


Diagnostic and Evaluation of Your Production Needs

Based on information and data gathered from the client, we conduct an evaluation to determine their production needs. Then, in partnership with the client, we agree on the specification of the solutions needed to alleviate their pain and maximize their profits.


Project Roadmap, Data Requirements and Digitalization

At this stage, the client's need is clear. From there, Dillygence relies on its platform of applications suite to deliver a customized solution. The process starts with an agreement on a project implementation roadmap or planning. Data requirements and transfer are clarified and organized. The digitalization then begins with the development of the frontend and backend components of the solution. We Implement leading-edge user experience and visualization for all users, with no skill requirement.


Custom Solution Hand-Off, Staff Training and Maintenance

A user-friendly and highly customized solution is provided to the client. The developed solution is tested, validated, and delivered thru a SaaS model. Client staff receives a short training to handle the solution with no support from Dillygence. Dillygence then focuses solely on the SaaS solution's maintenance and update. We are manufacturing systems engineering experts. We can upskill our client's staff whenever needed to boost their manufacturing intelligence.

Get a maturity evaluation
Get a maturity evaluation

Request a Demonstration of DispoX

Discover how DispoX can help you visualize and analyze your value chain to make the most cost-effective design, improvement, or management decisions.

Request a demo
Request a demo

Designing a New Battery Gigafactory at ACC

ACC is designing a battery Gigafactory with "extreme" KPIs: investment (€1bn), throughput (takt time in seconds), and data (thousands of data per part). This means very high stakes. ACC reaches out to Dillygence for support. The expectations are as high as the stakes. Dillygence delivers the results with high client satisfaction and is currently working to provide the digital twin of the factory.

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A Refurbishing Factory of the Future at RATP

RAPT has decided to transform its train refurbishing factories as part of its journey toward Industry 4.0. Their ambitious objectives include doubling the production of their main factory, built in the 30s. They reached out to Dillygence after a major engineering firm failed to deliver persuasive results. DispoX was deployed to assist RATP's experts in the design of the new factory. The very convincing results of the work led RATP to introduce it into their standard approach to designing a new plant.

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Increasing Car Production at Stellantis

Following the success of a newly-launched car, our client wanted to increase the throughput of the Body In White factory to serve the increasing market demand. They reach out to us for support in identifying the most cost-effective actions to increase the production rate of the factory. We installed DispoX to help them identify the most impactful steps, prioritize them, build their action plan, and align their teams.

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Bodyshop Ramp-Up and Redesign at Toyota

Following the introduction of a new car and a new platform, the yield of the Body In White factory is degraded. Toyota wants to bring its factory to its previous performance. Dillygence deploys DispoX to model the plant and quickly identify the most impactful improvements to be implemented.

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We Offer Training Courses in Industry 4.0
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