Bodyshop Ramp-Up and Redesign at Toyota

Toyota Motor Manufacturing France
Manufacuring Sytems Modeling, Analysis and Engineering
Business goals
Add a new production line in existing layout, recover previous productivity rate of the factory, decrease Lead Time
Achieved results

Bringing a Body in White Factory at Its Full Potential After the Introduction of a New Car

A new platform is introduced in an existing factory to produce a new car model. The factory has an excellent yield before the introduction of the new platform. The implementation of changes leads to a drastic loss of factory efficiency. Thanks to a vigorous campaign of kaizen, the factory regains a sizable portion of efficiency yet remains far from its OPR (Operation Production Ratio) target.

The client contacted us with the following request:

  • Can the current factory structure achieve our efficiency OPR target? 
  • If not, what are the changes needed to this end?
Our Solutions

Use of DispoX by Our Experts

We built a specific interface that absorbs production reports automatically. DispoX then injects them into the factory’s digital twin to estimate the isolated performance of each module and the overall efficiency of the whole factory. We added optimization algorithms that help identify optimal changes to be implemented (MTTRs, MTTFs, cycle times, buffers' size, ….) and ranked them by benefits on a waterfall graph


OPR Reached the Target, and the Time to Solution Drastically Shortened

Dillygence experts use their expertise and their tools to identify a set of actions to be implemented:

  • The decision was made right after a presentation to the senior management, thereby drastically shortening the decision time
  • Thanks to the Dillygence tools, our experts could zero in on the just-needed actions, limiting our client's investments
  • The Toyota team implemented the changes to reach their OPR target
Bodyshop Ramp-Up and Redesign at Toyota


What Our Clients Say

To introduce a new platform, we went through a major redesign of our factory. Then when the production restarted, we struggled to reach our throughput target. DispoX is an excellent tool for visualizing the impact of actions on the performance of the lines to be improved, identifying, and prioritizing the most impactful actions. It allows you to see what the factory will look like with the improvements made. Examples of proposed actions include cycle time increase, use of overtime, and buffer size optimization... Thanks to DispoX we were able to converge very quickly towards the target. We saved plenty of time and money by implementing the right-sized solutions. DispoX is an even more efficient tool if it is introduced at the factory design stage!

Didier Delsarte

Didier Delsarte

Manager Press welding

Toyota Motor Manufacturing France