A Refurbishing Factory of the Future at RATP

RATP Group
Manufacturing Systems Enginering, Operational Excellence
Business goals
Increase data reliability, Increase throughput of the factory, Decrease lead time, Remove bottlenecks, Decrease inventory
Achieved results

RATP Modernizes Its Giant Refurbishing Factory to Make It the Factory of the Future

Critical business background included the following points:

  • The bogies - metros' train understructure - are disassembled, cleaned, rectified, and reassembled in a factory every ten years.
  • The existing lighthouse factory was built in the 30s with no significant refurbishment since then.
  • The modernization has ambitious objectives, including doubling the production of bogies and handling new generation metro bogies. As a consequence, the design of the plant needs to be completely reviewed
  • A first simulation of the new factory has been conducted by a major engineering company with unsatisfactory results.
Our Solutions

Deployment of DispoX

Dillygence created a custom simulation tool to validate the new design of the factory, and the mission also enabled the following:

  • Centralization of the data to ease access
  • Design of a flow chart of the whole factory to ease understanding of the overall process - expected to be used in the training of new employees
  • Identification of blocking points, testing of different scenarios, and suggestions of improvements to be conducted

Benefits for Deploying DispoX: Productivity Improved and Inventory Decreased

Dillygence experts used DispoX to deliver the following results:

  • Identification of actions to be implemented to optimize a blocking workstation
  • Determination of the need to have flexible operators pool to reach target production without additional investment
  • Improvement of the productivity of the factory
  • Drastic reduction of the overall inventory

The targets set by RATP were exceeded. The very convincing results of the approach led RATP to introduce Dillygence's practice into their standard approach to designing a new plant.

A Refurbishing Factory of the Future at RATP


What Our Clients Say

Dillygence’s work demonstrated that with the assumptions previously made during the process study, our factory could not deliver the required production. Dillygence then offered smart suggestions to improve the performance of the factory while drastically reducing inventories and improving the productivity of the factory. Additional benefits of the mission included the centralization and the validation of data, and the summary of the factory’s production flows in a powerful single visual. In addition, its clarity and simplicity also made it the perfect document to be used for internal communication and training. Following this project, we decided to introduce the use of digital twins as a mandatory step in the design of our future factories.

Florian Pallot

Florian Pallot

Chargé de Process Industriels