Soitec - Industrie 4.0 En Direct - BPI, PFI 4.0, Dillygence

November 17, 2023

Dillygence is at the heart of industrial manufacturing transformation.

Industry 4.0 participates to the fundamental change economies are now undergoing.

This unique live-video series has been built jointly by BPI Université and PFI4.0 (Plateforme Industrie 4.0) to illustrate how does Industry 4.0 help in real life.

This event has been labelled "SEDI" by the French Government and La French Fab as part of the "Week of the Industry", taking place from Nov. 27th to Dec. 3rd 2023. More information here.

Sign in below and get to discover the backstage of SOITEC - an industrial site that has been implementing latest technologies to pursue its goal: manufacture better, with less.

When ?

Nov. 28th 2023 at 11am CET

Where ?

>> Online - sign in HERE

Other episodes of this series will be following in 2024

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