Big 2021: On the Road to the Industry of the Future

January 17, 2023

Big 2021: Europe’s Biggest Business Event

Every year the Accord Arena hosts the BIG, the Big Bpifrance Inno Generation, one of Europe's most significant business events. The 7th edition of this event took place on October 7th, 2021. 

The event featured more than 400 workshops, conferences, and masterclasses organized by more than 1,000 speakers from various backgrounds. The BIG is an opportunity better to understand tomorrow’s business challenges and new trends. It is also a powerful way to expand your network.

On the occasion of this edition, the CEO of Dillygence, Alain Patchong, an expert in industry 4.0 and its ecosystem, was invited to speak about the industry of the future and its impact on the business model of a company.

You can watch his full speech in the video below:

The Industry of the Future at the Heart of Concerns

The re-industrialization of France was a topic raised many times at the BIG 2021.

Indeed, the health crisis has highlighted the critical de-industrialization of our country as well as its severe consequences and drawbacks. France has become dependent on foreign suppliers in specific strategic sectors, such as semiconductors or health (90% of medicines, masks, respirators, etc.).

Despite the re-industrialization that began in 2015 with the implementation of the CICE, recovery plans, and the responsibility pact, France is still struggling to compete with some of its neighbors, such as Germany. However, the 2030 recovery plan, announced by Emmanuel Macron at the BIG21, offers new horizons for the French industry, especially for deeptech players.

French industry: 2030 recovery plan

The President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, spoke at the closing of this 7th edition of the BIG. He reminded us of his interest in small and medium-sized enterprises and companies of intermediate size and took the opportunity to discuss the France Relance plan. This investment plan aims to "reconcile the France of startups and industry."

As the President said, to build the France of 2030, we must become more competitive in the industry. The plan aims to invest at a "historic level" in industry and industrial startups. This plan should enable French industry players to study the possibilities of becoming leaders in "disruptive" technologies.

The investment plan will focus on a dozen new sectors such as hydrogen, SMR reactors, or the manufacture of batteries for electric vehicles. Dillygence supports some new industrial companies in this last sector by simulating flows and optimizing the design of battery plants.